ICMAI 2022 - 2022年第七届数学与人工智能国际会议

2022 7th International Conference on Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence ( workshop of ICICSE 2022)
March 18-20, 2022 // Chongqing, China

Winners of Excellent Oral Presentation

STDE: A Single-senior-teacher Knowledge Distillation Model for High-dimensional Knowledge Graph Embeddings
Xiaobo Guo, Neng Gao, Xin Wang
Presenter: Xiaobo Guo, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

GCQW: A quantum walk model for predicting missing links of complex networks
Wen Liang, Fei Yan, Abdullah M. Iliyasu, Ahmed S. Salama
Presenter: Wen Liang, Changchun University of Science and Technology, China

DFGAN: Image Deblurring through Fusing Light‐weight Attention and Gradient‐based filters
Ali Syed Saqlain, Fang Fang, Li Yuan Wang, Tanvir Ahmad, Zain ul Abidin
Presenter: Ali Syed Saqlain, North China Electric Power University, China

An analysis method for hit accuracy of gun-launched reconnaissance and strike integrated unmanned aerial vehicle
Presenter: TIEYING JIANG, China Academy of Aerospace Electronics Technology, China

Direct Position Determination for Single Sensor Emitter Localization with Unknown Period
Xuefeng Feng, Zhen Huang, Jiazhi He, Ying Xiao, Dingli Xue,
Presenter: Xuefeng Feng, Tsinghua University, China