It is hoped to influence the spawning of new areas of applied mathematics and the strengthening of the scientific underpinnings of Artificial Intelligence. The following topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


Fuzziness and AI
Topology and AI
Algebra and AI
Trustworthiness and AI
optimization and AI
Artificial intelligence frontier numerical calculation method
Reinforcement learning for intelligent decision making
Mathematical methods in data science
Data fusion algorithm and application
Graph Computing and Graph Neural networks
Causal learning and interpretability
Multigranular cognitive computing
Three-way decision making and Machine Learning
Mathematical Foundations 
Mathematics, general
Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)
AI and Digital Entertainment 
AI and Education 
AI and Smart Cities 
AI applications 
AI architectures 
AI in Learning Environments 
Automated Reasoning           
Big Data 
Cognitive modeling and Computing 
Cognitive Models
Cognitive Robotics 
Complex Systems
Computational Creativity 
Computer Science, general
Constraint Satisfaction 

Data Mining
Evolutionary Computation
Experimentation of Combinatorial Algorithms
Human Computer Interaction  
Information Agents
Information Retrieval and Extraction
Knowledge Acquisition 
Knowledge Engineering 
Knowledge Representation
Knowledge Representation 
Learning in adaptive systems 
Machine Consciousness 
Machine Learning
Metacognition in Artificial Agents 
Multiagent Systems, Distributed AI 
Multi‐media Processing
Natural Language Processing 
Neural Nets
Philosophical Foundations 
Planning and Scheduling 
Semantic Web 
Smart Graphics
Soft and Evolutionary Computing 
Vision and Perception 
Web and Data Mining 
Web Applications